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Vertical Acumen Vol 1 | Issue 1

May 09, 2024 Teagan Boyle
Vertical Acumen Volume 1 Issue 1

Download Your Own Copy Here -Vertical Acumen: Volume 1, Issue 1


Welcome to Vertical Acumen, A Vertus Group Journal

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Vertical Acumen, a quarterly journal by Vertus Group.

Vertus Group is a vertical market software acquirer and a portfolio of Jonas Software, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI). When I joined Vertus Group just over 6-months ago, I was tasked with growing our portfolio's new brand from scratch. Although "scratch" perhaps is not quite accurate since our portfolio has enjoyed a rich 20-year history as Jonas Software's Club & Hospitality Portfolio, amassing over 20 acquisitions and serving thousands of customers across a hundred countries. 

By December 2023, we were no longer solely active in the Club & Hospitality verticals, acquiring businesses in areas such as Payments Dispute Management and Developer Tools, and the Jonas Club & Hospitality name no longer fit our broader scope. So, like many portfolios before us in the large CSI ecosystem, it was our turn to decentralize and develop our own brand, Vertus Group. 

The concept of an acquirer "brand" is not your typical idea of a brand. After all, the Vertus Group portfolio does not sell a product to consumers or businesses, it instead offers a permanent home for businesses to live and thrive. This buy-and-hold model is common across our sister CSI portfolios, which begs the question, "What makes the Vertus Group portfolio and brand special?"

Simply put, I believe it is our incredible people and the companies within our portfolio and I want to create a space where both can be showcased on a regular basis. 

Enter Vertical Acumen, a quarterly amalgamation of all the best content that has been released by our portfolio and companies, with a distinct focus on our people and the knowledge gained from operating businesses in our now 5 different verticals. This journal is split into 3 specific sections:


News & Updates

A collection of our press releases, acquisition updates, as well as occasional resources to learn more about Vertus Group's history and value. 

Featured Articles: 


Inside Vertus Group

Highlights of our top articles from the Vertus Group team, covering topics ranging from M&A insights and best practices to employee journeys, leadership insights, and engaging case studies. 

Featured Articles: 


Around the Portfolio

This section id dedicated to showcasing the best articles from around the Vertus Group portfolio of companies. While our portfolio still skews heavily towards Club & Hospitality verticals, this section embraces a broad spectrum of topics. 

Featured Articles: 


The link to download the PDF version can be found below or at the top of the page. If you want to stay in the loop, I encourage you to sign-up for our newsletter in the footer of this page. Thank you for joining us on this journey. I hope you enjoy our very first issue of Vertical Acumen and learn something new as well. 


- Teagan Boyle, Marketing Manager, Vertus Group


Download you own copy here -Vertical Acumen: Volume 1, Issue 1

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