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Employee Spotlight: Alyssa Isabela Chiu

March 08, 2024
Employee Spotlight: Alyssa Isabela Chiu

Meet Alyssa Isabela Chiu, one of the many talented M&A Associates we are fortunate to have on our team at Vertus Group. After joining Vertus over two years ago, Chiu has played a crucial role in developing Vertus Group's M&A pipeline and has established herself as a key lead generator. We spent some time with her to learn more about her experience with Vertus Group.


Walk us through your background prior to joining Vertus Group. How did you first hear about us and what interested you in joining the team? 

Prior to Vertus Group, I was a Research Analyst for a financial data company and was working under the Private Equity and Venture Capital team. I was quite familiar with deal sourcing and M&A for PE and VCs, but I never heard of Vertus Group. When I came to Canada three years ago and was studying at George Brown, I started hearing about their parent company Constellation Software.

The M&A role really intrigued me. I wanted to pursue a career in M&A, but what interested me most was the scope and challenge associated with this role, and I love a challenge.


How has your experience been with Vertus Group so far? 

I joined Vertus Group with a clear set of expectations to learn, be challenged, and develop my business development skills. I'm happy to say that the last two years have been remarkable and have surpassed my expectations. I've learned so much from both my team and the many business leaders I talk to on a daily basis, I feel like the knowledge I've gained and lessons I've learned have helped me progress in both my professional and personal life. 


Give us an overview of your role. What does your day-to-day look like? 

A lot of my day is conducting industry and competitive research to identify vertical market software businesses that meet our organizations strategic criteria and specific metrics. I also am constantly engaging with target business owners, shareholders, and senior executives regarding to learn more about their business, their goals, and what they are looking for in a potential acquisition. Essentially, I am developing and growing my own deal pipeline with a specific focus on creating and maintaining long term relationships with businesses and business owners. 


What is rewarding about your role? What opportunities has it given you? 

It has been a fantastic learning opportunity and has given me the chance to broadened my knowledge of different industries within the vertical market software landscape. One day I could be learning more about hospitality software and the next could be cybersecurity, so I've really been able to listen to different perspectives in the software industry. There is something new to learn every day. 


What is challenging about your role? How have you dealt with these challenges? 

It sort of goes along with what is also rewarding about the role. Each person and company I talk to is very different from the last. The challenge comes when you need to learn specific industry terminologies, geography challenges, or competitive landscapes. So doing proper in-depth research and diligence of each company I deal with is extremely important, but it does require a lot of time and effort.


What accomplishments are you most proud of during your time at Vertus Group? 

I was recently awarded with Persistent Prodigy Award at the company for bringing in a ton of leads to Vertus Group and being persistent in overcoming challenges and hurdles throughout the year. I've got that award sitting right at my desk, it serves as great motivation! 


What do Vertus Group's principles, "Align, Acquire, Grow, Forever," mean to you, and how have they aligned with your own experience with Vertus Group?

Our long-term view provides stability for both employees and customers, especially in times of market turbulence. We want to be the right partner for businesses to grow forever with and this buy and hold approach means that Vertus Group maintains the vision and mission of the companies we acquire. 

This is proven by my own experience with Vertus. They have supported my long-term goals, provided me with a global network of experts, and ultimately helped me grow as an M&A professional and as a person. 


What excites you most about Vertus Group's future? 

I am looking forward to more achievements and acquisitions in Vertus Group's future. There is such great potential here at Vertus Group, and I am confident we will continue to grow and reach that highest potential. I am excited to be a part of that journey. 


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