A Legacy of Growth

Since its beginnings as Jonas Software's Hospitality & Club portfolio in 2003, Vertus Group has grown to over 20 companies across 5 verticals with its wide array of products found helping companies across the globe. Discover the path Vertus Group took to get here and how our past successes have set the stage for future expansion. 

Vertus Group Logo: A Division of Jonas Software.

While the Vertus Group name may be new, the portfolio has a rich history of acquiring and propelling vertical market software companies to new heights for over 20 years. 

2003 Jonas ClubSoftware Acquisition

In June 2003, Constellation Software acquired Gary Jonas Computing Ltd., a rich suite of products for private clubs. Jonas Software would later become the parent company of the Vertus Group portfolio. 

2004 - 2005 Acquisitions: Jonas ClubHouse & ClubSystems Group

Over the next 2 years, Vertus Group quickly expanded in the club vertical adding 5 more companies to the portfolio. This grew Vertus Group's geographic footprint as well, expanding operations to 2 new continents: Africa & Europe. 

2010 Acquisition: ClubPay

2010 saw another addition to Vertus Group's growing portfolio of club software. With 7 club software companies and well-established expertise in the club industry, it was time for Vertus Group to explore a new vertical...

2015 Acquisitions: Springer-Miller, SpaSoft, MembersFirst, MetricsFirst

The acquisition of Springer-Miller Systems and SpaSoft in 2015 marked the first major foray into a new vertical Vertus Group: hospitality. But this didn't mean Vertus Group was leaving the club vertical behind. The portfolio also welcomed 2 more great fits, MembersFirst and MetricsFirst, to the family of club companies. 

2016-2017 Acquisitions: Jonas Chorum & Bookassist.

After officially stepping into the hospitality vertical, Vertus Group steadily grew the portfolio by adding another 2 hospitality companies: Jonas Chorum and Bookassist.

2018 - 2020 Acquisitions: Leonardo, Achiga, & ClubCaddie

The following 2 years saw more steady growth in the hospitality vertical with the acquisitions of Leonardo and Achiga, while Club Caddie made for another strong addition to the club family. By the end of 2020, Vertus Group consisted of 10 companies in the club vertical and 7 companies in hospitality. 

2021 Acquisitions: Fuel Travel & Lean Industries.

In 2021, Vertus Group broadened their scope once again into a new vertical, dispute management, with the acquisition of Lean Industries. Meanwhile, the addition of Fuel Travel aided in maintaining the steady growth seen over the years in the portfolio's hospitality arm. 

2022 Acquisitions: Vizergy & Data Connect.

2022 saw the addition of 2 more fantastic hospitality software companies in Vizergy and Data Connect. By the end of the year, Vertus Group consisted of 20 companies, a significant milestone for the portfolio. 

2023 Acquisitions: PVX Plus and Tangerine Global

2023 marked an extremely important year for Vertus Group as it expanded to 2 brand new verticals: Developer Tools and Media Solutions. The Developer Tools expansion came with the acquisition of PVX Plus, while Vertus Group's foray into Media Solutions came with the acquisition of Tangerine Global.

5 Verticals. 23 Brands. 800+ Employees. 100+ Countries.

We want our past to resemble our future: characterized by growth through new companies, new verticals, and new exciting opportunities and innovation for our existing companies.

A "Past-Inspired" Future

With a track record like ours, we want our future to look similar to our past.


  • Acquiring incredible vertical market software companies to grow together with.

  • Expanding to new verticals.

  • Growing our footprint and expertise in existing verticals.


Interested in being apart of our future?