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Why Business Owners Sell to Us

December 08, 2023
Why business owners sell to us

Selling your software company is not easy. It is an enormous undertaking that requires a lot of time and effort and not to mention it could be one of the biggest decisions of your life. You need to consider many different stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and customers when deciding who you want to sell your business to.

So why do business owners choose to sell to Vertus Group? Let's hear from some of the Owner/Operators that chose Vertus Group as their lifelong parent company. 

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"Vertus Group's philosophy of preserving the culture and legacy of the brand you built resonated with me. After meeting with the team, speaking with other potential investors, and checking references, I was even more convinced that moving to a platform like Vertus/CSI would be the right move for our company. 

The process of working with Vertus was well-defined, managed with transparency, and there were no real bumps along the way. The outcome was a successful one for all stakeholders." 

Joe Hyman, Founder & CEO, Vizergy


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"Knowing that the company could continue to grow, and the staff could thrive with further opportunities were key parts of the decision to be acquired. The buy and hold forever approach convinced us, as the business owners, that our vision for the company's future potential was shared.

Vertus Group's track record of managing and growing vertical market software companies convinced us that, among the range of offers on the table, this one was the right move."

- Des O'Mahony, Founder & Chairman, Bookassist


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 “I’ve been through several acquisitions in my career, Vertus Group’s was the easiest. The communication and vision were clear and concise. The buy and hold forever strategy along with a software for life philosophy really resonated with me and others on the sales and marketing team.

Working with a larger organization like Vertus Group provides opportunities to grow that just wouldn’t exist within small stand-alone companies. Vertus is a great company, with great people and a great future.”

-Jim Rowe, VP of Sales & Marketing, Jonas Chorum (Former Director of Sales, Springer Miller Systems)


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"Lean was looking for a long-term partner that would allow us to leverage the tools and best practices from other software companies in order to allow us to excel in our market. When we heard about Vertus Group's buy and hold forever philosophy, we knew we found the right home for our company. 

Since the acquisition, Vertus Group has provided a wealth of knowledge to our business and our people which has allowed Lean to maximize its potential and overcome challenges."

Sean Larsen, Director of Operations, Lean Industries


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“Since being acquired in 2020, Vertus Group’s brand legitimacy, advice, and best practices have helped us to double our revenue for three consecutive years. Our team is happier, and our business is in a much better place.”

-Jason Pearsall, Co-Founder & CEO, Club Caddie


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“As I have progressed through the ranks at Vertus Group, I’ve been grateful for the valuable support, opportunities and guidance that have contributed to my growth. The company’s role in my journey has been significant and meaningful.”

-Paul Gillard, President, Leonardo


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